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The Frist Foundation’s grant program aims to enhance the quality of life in Nashville, Tennessee. We prioritize agencies that support communities facing challenges and engage in collaborative community efforts. Our grants specifically focus on strengthening organizational capacity and expanding the number of clients served.

Our Approach

The Frist Foundation partners with agencies serving Davidson County residents in the following focus areas: Arts & Culture, Food Insecurity, Health Disparities, Immigrants & Refugees, Nonprofit Infrastructure, and Unhoused Neighbors.


  • Primarily serving Davidson County residents
  • 501(c)(3) organization
  • Operating for at least two to three years
  • Updated profile on GivingMatters.com
  • Organization’s focus area is in one of the following: Arts & Culture, Food Insecurity, Health Disparities, Human Services, Immigrants & Refugees, Nonprofit Infrastructure, and Unhoused Neighbors
  • Grant request is in line with one of the grant focuses below


  • Operational or programmatic expenses, including salaries
  • Endowment or scholarship funding
  • Event sponsorships
  • Individual schools
  • Hospitals or nursing homes
  • Religious organizations for religious purposes
  • Statewide initiatives


General Grants

The Frist Foundation is interested in funding projects that will increase service capacity or ensure an organization’s long-term sustainability. These might include capital needs, the creation of earned revenue streams, or supporting consulting expenses for strategic planning or financial management. This does not include operational expenses including salaries or programmatic expenses.

Technology Grants

The technology grant program is designed to help agencies work differently and more effectively using technology. In a rapidly changing environment, we see technology as integral to agency collaboration, data collection, workflow and improving the level of service to clients. This does not include hardware upgrades.

Additionally, we provide annual support for Hands On Nashville’s GeekCause, which matches Nashville tech experts with community partners in need of their services. From tech consultation to solution implementation, GeekCause provides a low-cost platform for agencies to solve tech-based challenges through the support of skilled volunteers. We often recommend agencies reach out to GeekCause before applying for a technology grant.

Operational Grants

The Frist Foundation makes dozens of operational grants each year, the most significant being to The Frist Art Museum. The Foundation also supports organizations that we describe as “Nonprofit Infrastructure” including The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee, The United Way of Greater Nashville, Hands On Nashville, Community Resource Center, and Young Leaders Council, among others.

Please note: The Foundation is not currently making new grants for operating or programmatic expenses.