Technology Grant Recipients 2015

In 2015, the Foundation awarded $499,600 in technology grants to 129 organizations. The grants ranged from $300 to $10,000 and averaged $3,900. Here are the recipients:

100 Black Men of Middle Tennessee, $3,900
To purchase three desktop and two laptop computers along with various software to improve office functionality.

18th Avenue Family Enrichment Center, $7,750
To purchase a video monitoring system, entry door security, and four computers to replace older equipment that runs on Windows 98.

Abigail Ministries, $2,500
To purchase computers and other technology to be utilized in program delivery.

ABLE Youth Inc., $1,800
To purchase a laptop to replace deteriorating technology now in place.

Access Services of Middle Tennessee, $6,445
To purchase seven desktop computers, wireless adapters, a laptop and software to replace outdated equipment that frequently freezes.

Adventure Science Center, $5,975
To upgrade the existing Storage Area Network.

AGAPE, $5,210
To purchase counseling and social services software and two desktop scanners to assist in entering data.

Agape Animal Rescue, $1,530
To purchase a laptop, software, an all-in-one color printer, and a cable for use by a new staff member.

Alias Chamber Ensemble, $1,850
To purchase a tablet computer, a multi-use digital camera and a tripod to create videos to promote the organization and to record practice sessions to help musicians improve.

ALS Association, Tennessee Chapter, $1,700
To purchase two laptops and two all-in-one color printers to update older equipment and provide a new staff member with basic office equipment.

An Array of Charm Camps for Youth, $1,140
To purchase three laptops and two multi-purpose printers to keep staff from having to share older, outdated equipment.

Andrew Jackson Foundation, $4,760
To purchase a microfilm reader scanner to be used to view and print more than 100,000 microfilm documents including the Andrew Jackson Papers, a collection of Jackson's entire literary record.

Aphesis House, $1,900
To purchase four desktop computers, software and installation to replace old donated computers.

BELL Garden, $2,500
To purchase various hardware and software to replace old and minimally effective technology.

Belmont Mansion Association, $2,730
To purchase a new cash register system to replace a 15-year-old one that is inadequate.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Middle Tennessee, $6,485
To replace an outdated firewall and wi-fi system and to purchase eight laptops.

Book'em, $475
To purchase a compact zoom digital camera and related equipment for marketing purposes.

Boys and Girls Club of Middle Tennessee, $3,400
To purchase a sound system, projector, screen, accessories and installation in the Andrew Jackson Club.

Camp Marymount, $2,800
To purchase and configure two computers to reduce the need for counselors to share machines and to buy Adobe software for use with marketing materials.

CASA, $7,820
To adopt an online case management system, for training, and for six mini laptops to allow staff to work offsite.

Catholic Charities of Tennessee, $7,600
To purchase ten tablets computers and two laptops for use by 12 staff members who need mobile equipment for in-home visits, school counseling or workshops, and to ensure compliance with HIPAA rules.

Christian Community Services, Inc., $1,760
To purchase a laptop and software for staff use and training and customization of on-line software as part of a transition to web-based data.

Communities in Schools of Tennessee, $900
To purchase four color multi-purpose printers and cables for each to be used by site coordinators in four Nashville schools.

Community Care Fellowship, $4,720
For data conversion and a one-year subscription to donor management software, one year of e-mail service, and for design template services for an electronic newsletter.

Cottage Cove, $3,505
To purchase a new switch to replace a 10-year old switch, database management software, a laser printer and two security cameras to be used at the agency’s newest facility.

Council on Aging of Greater Nashville, $1,625
To purchase a router, which will replace one that no longer works, a projector and a digital camera for presentations.

Daystar Counseling Ministries, $4,140
To purchase web-based camp management and communication software.

Discover Madison, $1,500
To purchase a tablet computer and peripherals for use by the executive director while outside the office.

Dominion Financial Management, $2,400
To purchase two tablets for added work flexibility for staff and two tablets to be used with the agency’s social enterprise, FoodWORKS.

Down Syndrome Association of Middle Tennessee, $2,450
To purchase two replacement laptops, a color printer for in-house marketing materials, and two tablet computers for use at events.

Epilepsy Foundation of Middle TN, $2,170
To buy a laptop computer, desktop, two printers, external hard drive and training to replace obsolete equipment.

Faith Family Medical Clinic, $10,000
To buy and install a powerful server to consolidate the functions of two outdated servers.

Fannie Battle Day Home, $10,000
To buy and install a camera system to enhance security.

Foundation for Tennessee Chess, $400
To replace a 10-year-old computer used for administrative purposes.

Friends of Radnor Lake, $6,850
To purchase four rugged laptop computers for use by ranger staff and one desktop computer for mapping and general management of the park.

Friends of Rock Castle, $2,500
To purchase three computers and a tablet with keyboard.

Gate Communications, $1,275
To buy a video projection system to replace one that wore out, to update productivity software, and to upgrade lighting used during training and workshops. Paid 4/30/2015.

Gilda's Club of Nashville, $5,000
To buy a high-capacity printer and to help pay for website upgrades.

Gordon Jewish Community Center, $1,770
To buy multimedia equipment for use by staff, board and visitors.

Harpeth River Watershed Association, $3,720
To buy a computer for graphic design work, to adjust and optimize certain equipment now in place, for website upgrades and for staff training.

Harvest Hands Community Development Corp., $750
To replace a laptop computer used by the director of operations.

High Hopes, Inc., $10,000
Toward installation of a recording system to provide continuous video access to classrooms, playgrounds and entryway.

Homework Hotline, $2,525
To purchase three mini computers, screens, keyboards and monitors and three licenses for database management software.

Hope Clinic for Women, $1,700
To purchase and install cloud-based productivity software to facilitate communication among staff in scattered locations.

Humanities Tennesee, $7,730

To purchase a new phone system and tablet computers in connection with an office relocation.

Interfaith Dental Clinic, $2,225
To buy five tablet computers and related equipment to allow volunteer professionals to communicate more effectively with patients.

Justice for Our Neighbors, $1,100
To purchase and install equipment to protect data.

King's Daughters Day Home, $2,610
To purchase a refurbished desktop computer and nine refurbished laptops to be used by administrators and teachers.

Land Trust for Tennessee, Inc., $800
To purchase and install a phone system for use at the Glen Leven site.

League of Women Voters Education Fund, $4,530
To overhaul the organization's website and to buy a laptop computer for administrative use.

Luke 14:12, $3,300
To buy two computers, a mobile phone, productivity software, a tablet computer and a printer to help streamline administration.

Martha O'Bryan Center, $5,000
To upgrade the website to be more interactive, professional and secure.

Matthew Walker Comprehensive Health Center, $5,635
To upgrade the IT infrastructure by purchasing thin client and conversion software to reuse old computers.

McNeilly Center for Children, $3,340
To buy three desktops, three laptops and a wireless router as part of a general technology upgrade.

Mercy Health Services, $7,500
To buy a new file server to replace a 12-year-old machine.

Monroe Harding, Inc., $6,480
To buy video equipment for training of staff and others and to facilitate communications.

Nashville CARES, $4,855
To add an event module to the fundraising software to facilitate participant tracking and analysis.

Nashville Children's Theatre , $4,500
To upgrade wireless connectivity throughout the theater, to configure workstation backups, and to purchase a laptop for the education program manager.

Nashville Civic Design Center, $4,300
To purchase two large-screen desktops for design work.

Nashville Film Festival, $4,540
To buy six new computers for digital screenings and for use by interns and volunteers.

Nashville Humane Association, $9,000
To develop customized software for clinic management and to buy two tablet computers, two laptops and three desktop computers to meet a growing demand for services.

Nashville in Harmony, $3,300
To buy six tablet computers and related equipment to be used by volunteers to maintain data and facilitate sales.

Nashville International Center for Empowerment, $7,595
To buy and install a new phone system to increase staff productivity.

Nashville Jazz Workshop, $3,500
To tweak the on-line software now in use to improve functionality and eliminate duplicate data entries.

Nashville Opera Association, $2,300
To provide training to take maximum advantage of e-commerce capabilities, content management and social media platforms.

Nashville OIC, $7,500
To replace outdated server technology.

Nashville Public Education Foundation, $8,500
Training and support to maximize the benefits of new cloud-based software to manage contacts, events and reports.

Nashville Safe Haven Family Shelter, $6,500
To purchase and configure a new network server for administrative use, allowing the old server to be repurposed to support a client computer lab.

Nashville Shakespeare Festival, $3,040
To purchase two desktop computers and two laptops for administrative staff and a tablet computer floor stand. 

National Museum of African American Music, $2,350
To purchase collections management software to catalog artifacts and archival material as they come into the museum.

Nations Ministry Center, $2,380
To purchase a new laptop which will replace an older one, a scanner for digitizing records, a camera and microphone to assist with fundraising via website and emails, and a projector for training and recruitment.

Native American Indian Association, $800
To purchase a laptop computer to utilize while meeting with clients away from the main office.

NeedLink Nashville, $2,200
To buy a replacement laptop computer and to reconfigure the existing technology infrastructure to accommodate new staff.

Nurses for Newborns of Tennessee, $5,000
To buy four laptop computers used by staff in the field and at home to record client data.

Operation Stand Down Tennessee, $6,700
To replace the eight worst computers out of 35 that are 10 years old and unable to run newer software.

OZ Arts, Inc., $6,970
To buy a file server to enable file sharing among staff, 10 iPads for ticketing and events, a widescreen monitor for graphic design work, and two laptops for staff use.

Park Center, $2,995
To buy five laptops for use by the agency's staff in supported employment for mobile use while working with clients.

Pastoral Counseling Centers, $6,300
To replace a 7-year-old network server at risk of failing.

PENCIL Foundation, $5,850
To redesign the eight-year-old website to simplify its day-to-day management and optimize the user interface.

Pet Community Center, $2,500
To hire a consultant to assist the organization in choosing customer relationship management (CRM) software. Fee includes data conversion and training.

Preston Taylor Ministries, $1,740
To buy a desktop and a laptop computer to handle expanded administrative needs and to buy a portable video projector for off-site presentations.

Project Transformation Tennessee, $2,400
To buy a new phone system to handle growing communication needs.

Rebuilding Together Nashville, $3,000
To buy tablet computers as part of a move toward more mobile computing while on-site with homeowners.

Rejoice Ministries School of Ballet, $1,000
To buy a computer and printer to replace outmoded equipment.

Renewal House, Inc., $2,500
To buy several computers to help replace outdated ones in use by key staff.

Richland Creek Watershed Alliance, $300
To buy a desktop computer to conduct core business activities.

Ride for Reading, $1,200
To help purchase computer technology for the organization's first executive director.

Rochelle Center, $9,400
To purchase and install a new phone system to replace one that is 20 years old.

Ronald McDonald House Charities of Nashville, $2,550
To purchase a new server, which will replace an outdated one at risk of losing data.

Rooftop Foundation, $2,000
To buy two laptop computers and one desktop to be utilized by new and supervisory staff.

Saddle Up! $3,425
To purchase four desktop computers with large-screen monitors, a multi-function printer and anti-virus and office software to replace outdated equipment.

Salama Fellowship Urban Ministries, $4,590
To replace two laptops and a desktop computer and to buy graphic design and video editing software, a video camera and training.

Salvation Army, $10,000
To help buy a document management system to increase administrative efficiency and provide backup in the event of a disaster.

Sam Davis Memorial Association, $1,500
To purchase three computers to improve collections management and improve office efficiency.

Serve & Protect, $2,125
To purchase a digital projection unit, wireless technology, a portable screen, a projector stand and a TV/DVD for use at seminars.

Siloam Family Health Center, $6,115
To purchase six desktop computers, which will replace seven-year-old machines, and a battery back-up system for five servers, which will replace an older one that is starting to fail.

Southern Alliance for People & Animal Welfare, $700
To buy a computer and wide-screen monitor for the new volunteer assistant director.

Special Olympics Tennessee, $10,000
To buy a new server, wireless routers and cabling in connection with an organizational relocation.

Spectrum Ministries, $1,880
To purchase two tablet computers and projector setup for volunteer recruitment and donor cultivation.

Sports 4 All Foundation, $1,315
To buy a tablet computer for program administration and a printer to handle publication and printing needs in-house.

St. Luke's Community House, $6,790
To buy additional security cameras to protect against vandalism and to help ensure the safety of children and volunteers.

STARS Nashville, $6,640
To buy four desktop computers and four laptops with docking stations to replace outdated and underpowered equipment.

Studio Tenn Theatre Company, $6,375
To buy various equipment to handle box office functions.

Sweet Sleep, $1,190
To purchase computer equipment for the agency's director of finance.

Tennessee Alliance for Legal Services, $2,375
To buy multimedia equipment to enable web conferencing and the creation of on-line videos addressing legal issues experienced by low-income Tennesseans.

The Arc of Tennessee, $2,250
To purchase three desktop computers to replace failing equipment.

Tennessee Craft, $3,975
To replace a nine-year-old file server that is failing.

Tennessee Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence, $5,000
Toward a project to adopt specialized software to help manage membership.

Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition, $1,325
To buy five Dell laptops for staff members currently using six-year-old desktop models that lack mobility and would have to be replaced soon.

Workers' Dignity Project, $3,000
To purchase computers and software to accommodate expanding staff and client base.

Tennessee Preservation Trust, $1,600
To purchase a tablet computer and keyboard, an external hard drive and a wide-format printer.

Tennessee Prison Outreach Ministry, $2,500
To buy desktop computers and printers for use in the Nashville re-entry center.

Tennessee Voices for Victims, $3,500
To purchase two laptops to replace the use of personal computers and a CD/DVD duplicating machine to accelerate copying the Victim Impact Curriculum.

The Battle of Franklin Trust, $2,620
To upgrade museum management software to a multi-user version, for data conversion and a training CD to consolidate systems. Also, to buy two tablets with docking stations and digital picture frames to improve the visitor experience.

The Bridge Ministry, $3,950
To develop a more streamlined website that will include a donor/volunteer app.

The Conservancy for the Parthenon and Centennial Park, $2,265
To purchase a digital camera with HD video, a set of two-way radios and a tablet computer to be used at Musicians Corner events to improve communications and increase revenue.

The Family Center, $7,035
To replace a 12-year-old server and buy a firewall, two desktop computers and three tablet computers for use by administrative staff and educators.

The Nashville Food Project, $1,185
To buy a computer for use by the agency's accountant.

The Refuge Center for Counseling, $3,500
To purchase 10 document scanners to be used by the 38 therapists on staff to scan documents into the electronic medical records system.

The Sexual Assault Center, $1,370
To purchase two laptops with built-in cameras to facilitate participation in off-site conferences and an iPad Air to demonstrate curriculum to schools statewide.

Tennessee Parks and Greenways Foundation, $2,220
To upgrade the mapping software system to meet industry standards and to purchase an iPad Air 2 Tablet to be used for presentations.

Tennessee Scenic Rivers Association, $1,500
To upgrade fundraising software with the volunteer/membership module. Paid 5/12/2015.

Trevecca Nazarene University, $3,030
To purchase a large format scanner to digitize historic documents representing more than 100 years of Trevecca history. The documents will be stored in the Thrasher Archives.

Urban Green Lab, $2,800
To buy four laptops to replace old equipment, a multifunction printer and design software for communications materials.

Watkins College of Art, Design and Film, $10,000
To purchase and install a card swipe system to improve access to services and security.

Wayne Reed Christian Childcare Center, $5,000
For technology upgrades that include installation of a new server.

Welcome Home Ministries, $5,000
To purchase a camera surveillance system at recovery homes in East Nashville to curtail theft and provide accountability.

Workers' Dignity Project, $3,000
To purchase computers and software to accommodate an expanding staff and client base.

You Have the Power, $2,210
To purchase two tablets, a projector and a Bluetooth speaker to be used at community events and presentations.

Young Leaders Council, $6,000
For the development and integration of a software package to more effectively manage alumni and mailing lists.